A Very Special Project: FFR Custom

Sometimes, we find ourselves with the formidable task of creating a custom engagement ring with, basically, no direction. We're talking, getting a picture of a vintage sapphire with a rose cut diamond halo one day and a modern step cut the next. So, we digress. Using a little creativity, a lot of balls, and calling in a few favors, we succeeded in creating a dream ring for expat/ London dweller, Ms. Emily Favret 

A hand cut Old Euro found in a Victorian horseshoe pin became the focal point of which we designed the ring around. Being a fan of two-tone, although not the 80's vibe it gives off, the bride to be set the bar high. Think, 'I hate white gold, but I LOVE WHITE GOLD.' 

We envisioned a vintage platinum shoulder, featuring tiny filagree and diamond details simply not found in modern jewelry. Add to that new, strong prongs and  a sturdy 18K yellow gold band (necessary for triathlete and jewelry bully, Emily) and everything fell (well, was soldered) into place.

Congratulations, Emily and Sean! We owe all our grey hairs to you, babies!


xx FFR