Lydia Courteille's Queen of Sheba

We know we've been kind of absent. Mostly because we're dreaming up lots of big things for FFR, but sort of because we felt a little bit of post-holiday blog fatigue. But don't worry, there's an instant cure for that, and it goes by the name of Lydia Courteille. Clearly you've read all about one of our jewelry heroes, Lydia, here on FFR, and she's back at it again with a new set of jewels that is epic in its scale, inspiration and, well, greenness. Without further ado, we present to you Lydia's "Queen of Sheba" collection.

The collection is created from black and brown rhodium plated 18k gold, green and yellow tourmalines, yellow sapphires, brown and white diamonds, tsavorites, peridots and opals. THERE IS A TIARA WITH A MASSIVE PEAR-SHAPED PERIDOT. NEED WE SAY MORE?! Taking inspiration from Ethiopia, where the Queen of Sheba once reigned, Lydia's goal was to take us "to the crossroads of religious influences, where Biblical, Hebraic and Quranic stories have nourished Ethiopian popular art, which took much of its inspiration from animistic and magical beliefs."

There is so much to love about this collection: The way the greens and yellows pop off of the rhodium plating; the earthy wood-like details on the rings; the major pear shapes; and of course, the limited but lust-worthy palette. Take a gander at the glorious details, below, and good luck not passing out from the sheer beauty of it all.