Studio Tour: Jacquie Aiche

We think we're pretty lucky in a lot of different ways. But it doesn't really get any better than spending a late summer Friday afternoon – just before a three-day holiday weekend – at the Beverly Hills showroom of Jacquie Aiche. Two things you'll assess right away: First, this designer's sexy, bohemian space is perfectly on par with her eponymous jewelry line; and second, you're gonna want one of everything. The goods are meant to be layered, stacked, and mixed-and-matched, and then probably add a few more pieces for good measure. Jacquie herself is covered head to toe, literally, from favorite "Shaker" chains dangling from her wrists and ankles to custom leather bags and jackets slung over nearby chairs waiting for fall orders. Plus, she let us dig through it all. With no rules. We love her. 

Jacquie's desk in her personal workspace next to the backyard. 

Jacquie's desk in her personal workspace next to the backyard. 

The brand's most famous pieces (see: Rihanna's Instagram) include badass body chains and gemstone-laden rings in every color of the rainbow, but we were immediately drawn to the Blesslev collection of stingray amulets. Handmade by Jacquie herself, [Ed. note: you can see her in process in the office shot above.] and created with her friend and revered spiritual mystic Sylvain, the point is giving thanks – each amulet contains a Gratitude List that the wearer completes for themselves, as well as a Kabbalistic mantra (Na Nach Nachman Meouman). These usually sell out immediately, so we were understandably psyched to catch a glimpse of a brand new batch, below. Jewels and good vibes? Yes, please. We happily renewed our membership cards to the JA Tribe. 


Click on the images below to enlarge and see the Jacquie goodness: 

You can shop Jacquie Aiche at Jaimie Geller JewelryPeridot Fine Jewelry. And we suggest you do so. Like, now.