#FBF: Pave Pearls, We Miss You.

There are few things in life that we don't fondly reminisce about on the regular. Call us nostalgic, or just plain sappy, but whether we're talking episodes of 'My So Called Life' or or Dunk-a-roos (kangaroo cookies with icing, don't act like you don't know), we love a good ole memory lane jaunt. In the jewelry portion of our minds, aka 90% of them, we miss pave pearls. Jewelers don't use the tiny beauts from the sea in pave form like they used to and we want to know why. WHY?! With the renaissance of pave opals and turquoise as of late, we're here to say, 'bring back the damn pave pearl', with all the authority we have. Which is none.


Click below to enlarge some images of favorite pieces featuring pave pearl and sold off of the luxe and glam and awesome 1stdibs.com



Happy Friday, heathens. Don't do anything we wouldn't do! (Ed Note: That still leaves a lot.)