Gemmy Emmys 2015

We're not here to judge people's sartorial choices, as we don't really have legs to stand on. Y'all have seen us in public, we make questionable choices, just like the next broad. It's all about taking risks and having fun and the Emmys fell flat for us again this year. THAT BEING SAID, the jewelry wasn't bad and the most playful and amazing dress of the night came from our industry's own Irene Neuwirth, with a little help from Dolce & Gabbana, as one (celebrity) does. We get our help from thrift stores and each other's closets and IT'S FINE, OK?! Some of our favorite jewels are below with Jane Lynch leading the pack in that badass diamond-y mesh-y sexy tie and a pinky ring to rival Toy Soprano, which means the scale is perfect. Kapish? Read on.

I think he’s psychic
— Sarah Hyland on stylist Brad Goreski's penchant for always nailing her wardrobe choices.


We also can't believe we weren't invited, so this is the best we could do. Ugh, maybe next year we can bring you the goods from the red carpet! Probably not.