Studio Tour: Arunashi

Walking into the Beverly Hills showroom of Arunashi is akin to entering the Emerald City to see the Wizard. You know there's gonna be magic behind the curtain, but you're not exactly sure what will be presented. It's a mystery, and it's glorious. So we were beyond thrilled when Arun Bohra personally led us down the yellow brick road and into jewel nirvana, especially because the mastermind of the brand is notoriously private about his exceptional creations, and well, we have big mouths and like to yammer on and on and on about our obsessions. Yet somehow, we charmed our way in and he let us manhandle it all. Like, everything. (We somehow even got him to open up the vault and show us his own personal collection of Sevan. But that's another story for another time.) To say that Arunashi is a wonderland of unreal unicorn jewels is a vast understatement. Every piece – from the delicious, rare gemstones to the incredible, artistic hand-setting to the tech-savvy materials (Corian, titanium) β€“ is a study in patience and imagination. Trust: you'll want to settle in with your favorite cocktail and a cozy blanket and savor every last photo in this post. 

No one’s going to see this video, right?
— Arun

Click on the images (hover for captions) to enlarge and lose your minds: 

You can shop this magical fantasy wonderland at Marissa Collections, Cayen Collection and Neiman Marcus. Pretty please with sugar on top buy something for us. We will be your best friend forever.