Studio Tour: Pamela Huizenga

One of our favorite ladies is also a lapidary, dumpling maker extraordinaire, mother of one million beautiful children, and zookeeper. Also, lest we forget, a hostess with the most-ess. Her name is Pamela Huizenga and we're obsessed. After a few days in Palm City, Florida with her and the troops, we felt pretty confident were were also jewelry designing, animal wrangling, chefs. Turns out, it's just her crucially good vibes that penetrate everyone around her. Now, back to NYC, we are back to being measly bloggers and and expert pizza orderers. Like an old boyfriend who was the best kisser ever, our visit to Pamela's oasis peppers our daily thoughts. We felt it only fair to share to share a few videos of amazing stones we stole and some pictures of our sad attempts at mocking up earrings. We'll leave the sick ass, prolific designing to the masters and stick to ordering pizza.

That’s spinel’s mine, bitch.
— Beth Anne

Pamela cut the above Ethiopian opal and the fire is INSANE.

You can click below to enlarge the images of Pamela's rocks and studio!

We may never be allowed back, but we'll find a way. Thank You, Pamela!

xx FFR