#FBF: Vintage Vintage at The Cloisters

Remember way back when, in an archive long, long (mere weeks) ago, when we recommended an exhibit at The Cloisters in New York City? Well, that damn article was so good, we took our own advice and left our precious borough of Manhattan to see the spoils #IRL. It was worth the 95 degree journey to 190th Street to see the ancient rings that this outpost of The Met had to offer. So, for this installment of #FBF, we are confirming our recommendation with some exquisite 'through the glass' pics, as they wouldn't let us try anything on. We know, we are as flabbergasted as you all. Hmph.

These rings are Meaghan's, just posing in front of a wall sculpture from 1500, in lieu of her actually being able to try on on the ancient rings in the exhibit. RUDE. Fun fact, she wore garnet, amethyst, and diamond. All three were widely featured within the collection.


Click on the images below to expand and get a few more deets.

Bon Weekend, babies! NYFW is in full swing and we are busy attending the shows to keep you in the know. Stay tuned for some reviews.