Studio Tour: Nak Armstrong

On a random Monday in Austin, Texas, FFR had the absolute pleasure of visiting Nak Armstrong's design studio. Fine, FINE, we had dinner first (read: wine) at Perlas and discussed jewelry at length...but then, we got down to business. And by business, we mean talking shit and playing with the most finely-tuned collection of jewelry we have seen in quite a while. Nak's knack (get it?) for creating tiny mosaic installations of bejeweled art is nothing short of extraordinary. If you've only seen his work in the edited realm of a retail space, the majorness of what he is creating cannot quite be grasped. So, we've brought it to you. Get ready for some one-of-a-kind realness. And be prepared to drool. 

Click on the pics below to enlarge and enjoy the studio tour:

Naks's collection is available at Barneys, Ylang23, and Single Stone. Buy it, before we take it all.