FBF: Refurbished Vintage Pendant Giving Us (And Itself) Life

So, our friend Erin had this vintage, three carat diamond pendant set in 18K white gold just, like, sitting in a drawer. NO BIG DEAL. Instead of suggesting she trade it for our undying love and affection (nobody wants that), we were all like 'YOU NEED A RING, WOMAN!' So we brought it on down to our favorite bench jeweler in NYC, who turned it into a sick ring. The same can be done for brooches, single earrings, bolos, WHATEVER. It's like, recycling! We are such assets to society and stuff.


Above, the finished product, and below the steps to get here.

You guys, TA DA! It's not difficult to transform your old jewels into wearable and current pieces. We want to help. We love it. Probably, a little too much.


Bon Weekend! 

xx FFR