The JA Show & Other Tales of Instant Poverty/Gratification

Hi guys, in an effort to pay rent aprés three (THREE) trade shows last week, we have been considering other options to supplement our addictions. We are totally open to suggestions, but pretty much think we will be just robbing people. But before we sprial into a life of crime, we owe you a wrap up of two more shows and today it's (hey, hey) JA. Hosted in the always intimate Javits Center of NYC, this year's mash up included some of our favorite Turkish and Tibetan vendors, Shay Jewelry, and some fab new faces. Obviously, we were drawn to a lot of the vintage (signed, as well as plastic bins full of crap), but we also adored Ruta Reifen and Lauren Chisholm. Both of these talented ladies are bench jewelers, which we think is FUCKING AMAZING. It's a rare things these days to find new designers who can make their own product. They can manipulate metal with fire and make it into jewelry, you guys. Our heroes.                                                                 


Click on the images below to enlarge and learn more.

Happy Hump Day, Lovers.

xx FFR