So Fresh/So Clean

Do you want to know the number one question that people ask FFR? While we wish it was 'Why are you both so fabulous?', it's actually something a lot more, well, practical. Here you have it folks: 


You would think that this is a simple one, but in fact, most jewelry owners are perplexed by the spots, fingerprints and dirt that are left on engagement rings and studs through everyday use. So guess what? We're gonna give you our secret FFR recipe (using stuff you'll find in your kitchen) for free. Because we're cool like that. Here's the basic ingredients: 

(Let's ignore the fact that one of us has a dangerously low Windex supply and carry on, ok?)

This is Meaghan's top secret diamond cleaning routine, so be prepared to jot this down. And don't forget, it's just for diamonds. Definitely not emeralds. No way Jose pearls. JUST DIAMONDS. Now let's get to the juice: 


1. Spray with Windex. 

2. Cover in dish detergent.

3. Let it sit for a few minutes to work on the grime.

4. Submerge in boiling water for 5 minutes.

5. Remove (carefully!) and run under cold water.

6. Dry with coffee filter.


Do this once a month and we promise super sparkly, squeaky clean ice. Simple, right? We thought so. From now on we expect other questions, preferably something pertaining to cocktails or sequins or '70s music. It's Monday, get after it!