Kara Ross x Diamondoodles

We love it when worlds collide, and especially when two FFR interviewees get together to make a little bejeweled magic. Enter exceptional designer Kara Ross and über-talented Renaissance woman Hannah Becker (@diamondoodles) who joined forces to create an epic Fashion Week window for Kara's Madison Avenue store. Using images from Kara's gorgeous gem-heavy jewelry, Hannah created a set of must-haves for your handbag. The results –including snacks, mints, makeup, bandaids, accessories, an iPhone and a Metrocard – are just as whimsical and smile-inducing as we would expect. 

We talked to Kara about the partnership, and she said: "When deciding on a window for fashion week, I decided to go with something that had a big presence. I have always loved how Diamondoodles uses boldness and sparkle in all of her work. Naturally, it seemed like the perfect fit for our window – playful, fun and colorful. When meeting with Hannah she mentioned the “what’s in your bag” theme for the window and I just knew instantly that it would be perfect!"
Unexpected, sparkly and fun to boot. Perfect for a Friday. But wait, read on...

Click on the images below to enlarge and learn more, and then hear from Hannah: 

Hiya, Hannah. We love this collab! How did the idea of the windows come about? 

I met Kara at Couture and showed her Diamondoodles. She instantly connected with what I was doing creatively and thought it paired perfectly with her product, particularly the whimsy of the MyPURSEonality bags and the bejeweled sea creatures Lola and Opal. Right after Couture I began sketching out potential window plans.

Talk a little about your process for conceiving the images and how they came to life. 

I put together 5 potential window designs. Some played off of the bags and some incorporated images of Kara Ross jewelry as doodles a la the Doritos and Ballerinas I made using digital image of her jewelry pieces.  Since this window will be up during New York Fashion Week, we ended up going with the "What's In Your Bag?!" theme. I've always loved seeing what editors and the fashion elite pack to survive Fashion Week, the same way I love knowing chic survival tips for jewelry trade shows, so it seemed like a great fit. As for which items I included in the purses, it was a collaborative process between the KR team and myself. I sketched a bunch of things that were both pratical and comical and we narrowed it down from about 25 pieces to 11. I'm pretty smitten with Lola the Lobster and Opal the Octopus, so I was excited to include them in the window (Lola is calling on the cell phone and Opal is the keychain). 

But really, what does it feel like to see your work on the streets of NYC?!

It feels wild to see my work on such a large scale and so visible. I spent three weeks working most hours of the day on these pieces, so it's really fantastic to be able to take a step back and see the final window come together the way I had hoped and conceived it would. Also, watching people stop and check out the window while we were installing got me a little giddy!

Want to visit yourself? Here's the details: 

Kara Ross New York
655 Madison Avenue
(at 60th Street)
New York, NY 10065

Happy weekend, kitty cats! See you on the flip side.