In Living Color

In an effort to maximize the budget of a client commissioned, entirely custom, vintage reproduction engagement ring, we didn't have much flexibility by way of the center stone. The setting is intricate, labor intensive, and costs a pretty penny (Meaghan and Randi have both been described in this manner.) We knew it had to be an Old Miner or Old European cut stone with a little quirk, just how we like 'em. Color was obviously a concern when placing a vintage stone in a modern setting, but we managed to come across a little unicorn on a 47th street bender one weekend. This project took new life when the impossible task of finding an E/F color vintage stone with a lot of fire (we're total cut whores) appeared in the form of a 1970's enamel and gold cocktail ring. Without being too dramatic, THIS WAS THE COOLEST RING WE HAD EVER SEEN AND WE NEED IT LIKE WE NEED AIR, so, obviously we were going to dismantle and destroy, as one does to something they love. After acknowledging the gorgeous 1.03 carat old mine cut center stone was doing this perfect baby no favors, our first thought was to attribute the stone to our client's engagement project and breathe new life into the cocktail ring. The ingenious (so humble over here) turned out to be best for the client and this vintage ring's vibe. When in doubt, add spessartite garnet. That's a saying, right? Just add spessartite? You heard it here first. Don't steal that.



Stay tuned for the big reveal on our instagram of the finished engagement ring that this diamond is now the star of. Want a custom piece of your own? Check this shit out and give us a shout at or


xx FFR