FBF: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Art and jewelry. We're telling you, there's a lot of overlap these days. (Stay tuned for much more reporting on this very idea coming soon.) So it's no wonder that the captivating Jean-Michel Basquiat has a lot of current-day admirers who have decided to relate his politically- and racially-driven masterpieces to modern jewelry. As it turns out, we had little work to do seeking them out (holla) because there are two collections already on our radar that are wholly inspired by the genius himself. Woman Made of Berlin and native Parisian/current New Yorker Carole Le Bris Perez have independent takes on the artist's vision that we're really digging and think you will, too. Scroll down for some of our favorites from all three artists and a quote from Basquiat, also known as the sexiest thing a man has ever said. (When men get mad at us, they just don't text us back or whatever.)

Occasionally, when I get mad at a woman, I’ll do some great, awful painting about her.
— Basquiat


Click the pictures below to enlarge and learn more amazing facts that we probs just made up.


Do you like art? We like art, but weren't sure if you were going to throw stones if we strayed from jewels. Let us know, mmk?


xx FFR