FBF: The Wonderful World of Omi Gems

Do you like beautiful gems? Some of the most beautiful and rare on earth? Of course you do. Otherwise, you've found yourself here by mistake and all is forgiven. Now, go. For this week's #FBF (flashback Friday, for those who have yet to catch on), we remember one glorious (albeit hungover for some of us) day at The Privé Show at NYC's Waldorf Astoria. On this tremendous Tuesday we visited Omi Gems and fondled their rocks for a good while. One of our favorite pieces, after a solid week of looking at everything from loose stones to vintage and modern jewels, was a very special alexandrite ring, shown in the video below. To find 3 three matching alexandrites like this is MOTHER EFFING incredible. But, if anyone can do it, it's our boys at Omi. 

If you love magic, especially the magic of science, you’ll love alexandrite, the color change gem.
— Omi Gems


Click on le pics to enlarge and learn a bit more. If you want. We ain't bossy (YES, WE ARE.)


Bon Weekend, babies! May it be as colorful as an Omi Gem or one of the weird, sparkly dresses hanging in our closets.

xx FFR