FBF: Arunashi's Snake

We love the element of surprise. We also love the intricate craftsmanship of Arunashi Jewels, so this particular piece is the perfect combination of both. Notably, designer Arun Bohra utilizes titanium, 18K gold, and some of the finest gemstones in the world to create his masterpieces by hand. One of the most spectacular pieces we've ever feasted our eyes on was at Marissa Collections earlier this year. A flexible snake ring with a tiny surprise...a natural green diamond head, bringing the value of the edgy creepy crawler to a cool million bucks. Yes, a million. And you can only see the diamond if you know what you're looking for...and what it's worth when you spot it. This is truly a jewel for jewelers. Coincidentally, we're jewelers. Fine, we'll take it!


Check out some more images below of this gold, titanium, and diamond reptile. Yes, we were scared we were going to break it. Yes, we got all bendy with it anyway. Rebels, man.



Happy Weekend, Lovers! We are off to Austin, TX today to scavenge for some jewels.