Did You Know? We Like Old Stuff

Saturday, July 25, 2015 will forever go down in history as the day FFR walked into The New York Antique Jewelry and Watch Show and didn't buy anything. We're as shocked as you are. (Well, ok, we maybe did put one thing on hold. And took it with us. Does that count?) What did happen was hours upon hours of meandering/drooling and finally having some face-to-face time with those we've long admired, including Simon Teakle (the man has a JAR collection that rivals, well, anyone.) We touched the JAR. We caressed it. We felt dirty and we liked it. After a mild heart attack, we visited some of our dearests: Lenore Daily, Excalibur Jewelry, Robin Katz, Paul Fisher, and Bell and Bird among them. Check out the slide show below for the cream of this years proverbial antique jewel crop in NYC.



Are you friends with any other mineral photographers?
— FFR overhearing Danny Sanchez of Excalibur saying the dorkiest thing that has ever been uttered from human lips.




Click the images below to enlarge learn more about our picks from the show:


Until, sigh, next year.

xx FFR