Studio Tour: Alex Soldier

We'd go to Times Square for maybe, like, one reason and we're happily admitting it's to view Alex Soldier's amazing jewelry and objets d'art. Between creating thumbnail sized platinum figures and the annual Princess Grace Award for Excellence (to be awarded this year to Robert Redford in Monaco), you'd think that would be enough talent bestowed upon one man. But, as life isn't fair, the self taught Mr. Soldier is also the brains behind his namesake collection. These handmade pieces are all fashioned inside his studio on Broadway and attached to the show space (filled with his signature snails!) that FFR was lucky to tour. Ironically, and after leaving with one of our own, the snail is to remind us to slow down a bit...but we've been running wild, spreading the good word about Alex Soldier ever since.

For me, jewelry is a work of art.
— Alex Soldier


Click on the image below to enlarge and learn more about the collection


Shop Alex Soldier's amazing collection at Neiman Marcus and Saks


xx FFR