Lindsey Adelman: Show Me

We've been pretty clear about liking things other than jewelry. Mezcal comes to mind. Sequins are another. But were you aware that we're also very big home decor geeks? Randi has been a fan of New York City-based designer Lindsey Adelman for quite some time after happening upon her incredible, sculptural lighting designs a few years back. Working in glass and metal, Adelman's signature creations have an organic pull to them, but are high in glamour owing to sexy brass finishes, bulbous shapes and asymmetrical form. So it's no wonder we were excited when she premiered a collection of fine jewelry at her recently-opened exhibition, "Show Me", at WRIGHT NY, now on display until August 1. 

Lindsey Adelman ear cuff FFR

Made in 14-karat gold and cast from handmade forms, the pieces are displayed alongside custom mirrors, objects, and a Adelman-produced music video that acts as an immersive experience for the viewer. We asked Adelman: after such a successful career in more industrial-design applications, why attempt jewelry? “I am folding in the personal interests of the company," she said. "People often ask that first question, “how did you come up with this idea of doing a music video?”, when it doesn’t feel like that at all. It just feels like it was in me, and I got an opportunity to let it out and bring my daily work life into it. These cravings that I see all day, just riding the subway with your ipod and seeing the choreography on the poles of the subway. All the time, I see dancers and dancing, and I love thinking about fashion and I love thinking about wallpaper and jewelry, and so in a way I’m just an opportunist coming up with ideas for these projects.”

We say: take advantage when opportunity strikes! We fell hard for these pieces, which are tough and edgy, yet exude a certain tribal warmth. Imperfect shapes abound, another of our weaknesses. If you're in NYC, we highly recommend seeing the jewels in their natural habitat, otherwise, take a gander here at the golden goodness plus a few of our favorite Adelman light fixtures. 

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Probs alternating between hanging that ear cuff between our lobes and our ceilings. Architecturally stunning, either way.

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