Haute Couture or Heaven? (We say both.)

We really wanted to write about the Haute Couture shows last week, but honestly, we were waaaaayyyyyy too jealous of everyone's Parisian Instagram adventures. Bien sur, we needed a moment. So, we took some deep breaths, relaxed, and decided to spend hour upon hour drooling over images from the runways. Totally almost as good as enjoying one of those loaded baked potatoes at Caviar Kaspia ourselves. And lo and behold, there were some stellar jewelry moments. We mean really, really good. Until next time, Paris.

                                            Armani Privé made us weep tears of joy. 

                                            Armani Privé made us weep tears of joy. 

Besides the jewels, there were feathers, beads, jumpsuits, capes...basically our idea of heaven. We're not going to even bog down this post with too many words as we don't want to ruin the perfection with our witty repartee. (You're welcome.) Take out your tissues, friends, because if you're like us, you're going to get all the feels.

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