FBF: Black Ribbon Chokers

Few trends have stood the test of time like the black ribbon choker. That being said, never has it been a universally accepted style statement (Read: French hookers wore them in the 1800's and goth girls in the 1990's...so, very specific demographics, to say the least), but indeed it's been reimagined quite a few times. There is something noteworthy about a look having ebbed and flowed throughout the last 175 years. I hesitate to believe we'll be seeing petticoats or whalebone corsets back anytime soon. But, a thin strip of ribbon (grosgrain or velvet being the most popular) adorned with a pendant of some sort will never entirely be a thing of the past, part in thanks to Holly Dyment. The funky Canadian has introduced us to the freshest revival of the ribbon choker, featuring her signature enamel skull pendant. Meaghan enjoyed giving it a spin around NYC last week and, while it received many compliments, the black ribbon choker is still far from mainstream. Maybe that's why we like them so much.

Then....a woman in 1846 rocking the ribbon choker. Although this look was usually reserved for prostitutes, some society women dared to embrace the trend.

It’s a throwback to Victorian mourning jewelry. A bit of goth romance.
— Holly Dyment, on her interpretation on the modern ribbon choker.

And now....Some wannabe in Soho, probably a prostitute, wearing a modern depiction in enamel, diamonds, and rubies on a silk ribbon by Holly Dyment.

The below slideshow features our favorite images of babes throughout history in chokers.

What do you think? Will ribbon chokers ever be mainstream? Or will we be the only ones walking to the supermarket in these and tiaras?


xx FFR