Stores We Love: Ten Thousand Things

Everyone has had the dream of becoming a household name in the jewelry industry (OK, probably just jewelry designers have that dream), but not everyone can say they started by selling their wares on the streets in in SoHo. In a current climate featuring less and less self-made success stories, Ron and David are an inspirational pair. Their collaborative efforts since 1991 have resulted in a renaissance of the brand in the form of a beautiful new brick and mortar (remember those?) space at 7 Harrison St. in NYC. Should you be lucky enough to visit, the boys will personally envelope you in a world of handmade jewels (literally, the benches are in the back), custom fragrances, and many other handmade and perfectly curated objets d'art. 

From one thing begets the ten thousand things.
— Chinese philosophy which inspired the name of this beautiful, handmade collection


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