FBF: The Watch Brooch

[Ed. note: Every Friday we take a look at something old and cool. Just a reminder.]

We are the kind of girls who like surprises. Not necessarily in our lives, but definitely in our jewelry. Like: "Hey, here's this weird old geometric cuff from the '80s – it's also a pill case!", or "Look at this insane Indian wedding jewelry, oh, and it's reversible!" That kind of surprise. So you can imagine that we'd be way into something as weird and unexpected as a brooch that's also a timepiece. We're not really sure who exactly is meant to read these suckers (Sure, go ahead, stare at my boob while you tell the time), but it's less about practicality, more about intrigue. 

Pink watch brooch FFR

See! It's old and weird, but we love it! Behold a c.1910 pocket watch/brooch in pink shell, pearls and diamonds, available at 1stdibs.com

It's precisely something about how impractical these pieces are that make us want one all the more. So regal, no? It's like we were pinned with an honorary medal for something we didn't win. While some of these pieces are pocket watches that were then added to brooches, others were built right in to the design quite on purpose. Either way, we've been trolling 1stdibs for them and we feel that you, dear reader, deserve to see the fruits of our labor. Happy weekend! 

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