Stores We Love: Excalibur Jewelry

Ed Note: This ongoing section will seriously only feature stores we love. Not stores that pay us or stores that only have super expensive stuff. (We are, unfortunately, girls on a budget.) But we really, really like shopping and we like to do it at places with nice people and great things. So enjoy!

Oh Excalibur Jewelry, we love you so, we give you all our money, we wouldn't have it any other way. That's basically what you need to know about this phenomenal vintage and antique resource in its now-permanent location on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. Randi is psyched because she can see them all the time, but Meaghan (and you, dear reader) can also find them across the country at the top trade shows for old good things. Next up? The Antiques Show in NYC, July 24-27. Hands up in the air/prayer emoji.

                             There's nothing we like more than a tray of stuff. They have lots. 

                             There's nothing we like more than a tray of stuff. They have lots. 

While the store stocks a selection of signed pieces, we keep going back again and again for the treasure trove of random gemstone- and diamond-encrusted pieces packed with personality. We've purchased engagement rings for clients (a Deco beauty with diamonds and Demantoid garnets), holiday gifts for family (an emerald and diamond bangle from the '60s) and WAY too much stuff for ourselves. No seriously, way too much. 

But the beauty is: it's all worth it. These are pieces with heritage and the staff at Excalibur knows how to buy really pretty things that don't cost a small fortune. Isn't that what it's all about? So basically, our hats off to Kurt, Amy and Danny (@mineralien to you, Instagram) for bleeding us dry. We've loved every minute. 

The info:

8840 Beverly Blvd.
West Hollywood CA, 90048

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