May the (Tri) Force Be With You

When friend (and super famous video game designer) Cliff Blezinski's better half, Lauren, has an idea for a way to re-vamp her grandmother's diamond...she doesn't go half-assed. She used her full ass, people. And that's how a For Future Reference 'Zelda' themed pendant was born from an old mine cut antique diamond. Below, you'll find Lauren enjoying her new 18K white gold and diamond pendant with some people from some show that we are told is quite famous. Game of Something. Read on for the design process

Lauren and Cliff, center, ham it up with Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) from Game of Thrones. 

There was a diamond, left in my grandma’s will, which stated that I got it when I married. My parents gave it to me in front of all our friends and family at our rehearsal dinner in 2012.
— Lauren Bleszinski

Behold, the story of a Nintendo game, as told by some jewelry kids:

The Triforce is a sacred relic that reappears throughout the video game series Legend of Zelda, a favorite game of Lauren's. It seemed natural to incorporate her old mine cut stone into a video game reference and, well, it happened. If you know nothing about Zelda like us, here's a little primer: These triangles were left behind by the three Golden Goddesses: Power, Wisdom, and Courage. The three Spiritual Stones (as represented in the pendant by a sapphire, ruby, and emerald) were created to serve as keys to open the way to the Sacred Realm where the Triforce is kept. Additionally, we added Navi, the blue fairy. She follows the main character around and helps as a guide throughout the game and she looks pretty badass with her hand carved wings and blue topaz belly. Hopefully this makes sense because we admit we're a little confused. But intrigued. 

Jewelry lesson learned? You can add straight baguettes and precious cabochons to anything and it will look dope.

                Here's a fun game: Ask a jewelry friend to make a gamer friend a pendant and see what happens.


        Here's a fun game: Ask a jewelry friend to make a gamer friend a pendant and see what happens.

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever made.
— Meaghan


Above are some reference pictures of the stones, the triforce, and the main character with his Navi fairy (the blue topaz guy). It's what the pendant looks like on the video game...see how the colors were represented by ruby, sapphire, and emerald? Pretty smart cookies, huh?

PS: Another lesson learned: Just because you think we don't know anything about your weird obsession (and we have lots, ourselves), it doesn't mean we can't make cool jewelry out of it. We can. Call us. 


xx FFR