Sharon Khazaam & Other Reasons to Wake Up in the Morning

As a fresh graduate of FIT in 1984, Sharon Khazaam was hired as the singular in-house jewelry designer at Asprey. Meaghan's first job was as a hostess at a Mexican Restaurant and she remembers being paid in margaritas (foreshadow, much?), so she and Sharon are basically the same as far as career paths go. By 1993, Sharon was a fine jewelry consultant for the likes of Barneys before launching her namesake line with the designer retailer in 2001. She has been selling there ever since, and we continue dreaming about being one of her clients. 

Nope, not two pieces of jewelry...can you tell which is a rendering and which is the completed piece?

There’s romance to every piece of jewelry.
— Sharon Khazzam

We are suckers for mostly anything one-of-a-kind, so you can imagine that we're huge fans of Sharon's work. Besides using the most gorgeous hand-selected gemstones, each piece is numbered and cataloged before it is presented to the lucky owner. Although this post is merely a sneak peek of what's to come (Sharon and her lovely daughter, Alex, a talented artist, invited For Future Reference for a studio visit on Long Island this summer), we are pretty sure you'll soon be swooning. 

Click the images below to enlarge and learn more: 

Thanks, Sharon, and we'll take one of everything!