Before and After: Engagement Ring Redo!

Our client, Scottsdale-based interior designer Andrea Bazilus, was in a bit of a pickle. She had an engagement ring she felt it just didn't reflect her highly-honed style. Luckily, the center stone was incredible and deserved a new mounting to reflect its brilliance. What to do? She called in FFR to completely re-imagine the ring into a vintage-inspired but totally modern upgrade. We think the results speak for themselves. We had a really hard time parting ways with it. Like, we wished Andrea's credit card got declined so we could keep it. 

The new ring is a modern navette style setting built using two trillions, two baguettes and a lot of pavé diamonds. 

The new ring is a modern navette style setting built using two trillions, two baguettes and a lot of pavé diamonds. 

Andrea is a dream client, with exquisite taste, but her existing ring had a few construction issues. Instead of re-using her old materials, we refurbished her old setting and gave it new life with a beautiful 2 carat sapphire and it now lives on as a right hand ring. 

Next, we started from scratch on the new ring, using her round brilliant center stone as starting point. Andrea was keen on something with a three-stone look, but didn't want to go traditional. We suggested a North/West navette style ring featuring trillions and baguettes. As a designer that loves mixing patterns, she was totally game for incorporating a variety of cuts into the setting. 

Get all the details by checking out a Q&A with Andrea below, and get at us if you have an old or outdated piece of jewelry that needs some TLC. 

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FFR:  Why were you thinking about resetting your engagement ring? 

Andrea Balizus: While I always liked my wedding ring, I always felt like it looked very similar to what has come to be a "normal wedding ring" look. I didn't get very involved in the design of it and just went with whatever the jeweler suggested. Because of that, I ended up with a setting that looked like every other wedding ring.

Additionally, the quality of the setting was something that always bothered me. I am someone who values fine craftsmanship and I knew that my ring setting was not up to par. It would snag on my clothes and I continually had an issue with the prongs becoming loose.

FFR: What kind of look did you want to achieve with the new ring? 
AB: I really didn't know what kind of ring I wanted – I just knew that I wanted something unique. Being in the art and design industry, I needed something that represented my style and my attention to detail. I also knew that if I was going to upgrade then I really wanted to make a statement!
FFR: You're not in the same state as Meaghan or Randi – how was it working via emails, photos and phone calls? 
AB: Working with Randi and Meaghan was so very easy! They answered all of my emails and texts right away and I never had any issues. I didn't have any doubts that they were more then capable of creating a design that I would love and executing it perfectly. At first it did seem scary to me to send such important jewels in the mail but- no problems happened at all!
FFR: You actually got two new rings instead of one! Talk about the new sapphire ring. 
AB: I am so happy with my sapphire ring!! Instead of trashing my old setting, FFR came up with the idea of using a precious stone in my old setting. A 2 Ct. sapphire was suggested and since that is my son's birthstone, I knew that I would really cherish this ring! I now wear this ring on my right hand and it's become a very unique Mother's Ring.
FFR: What was your reaction when you received the new ring? 
AB: I was completely blown away when I saw my new ring! It is the most beautiful and perfect ring that I've ever seen. I still stare at it all of the time and receive compliments daily. I can't stress enough how many people comment on how different and interesting it is. Total strangers stop me to look at it!
FFR: Any other thoughts about your FFR experience?
AB: My experience with FFR was wonderful! I'm actually sad that it's over. I'm now saving and planning for when I can do another piece of custom jewelry!