Crystal Cures

A wise man (fine, it was Bon Jovi) once said 'We Need Something to Believe In' – and I believe in the power of rocks, y'all. Set in 24K gold or in the old, brass ashtray on my bar cart, I STILL FEEL THOSE VIBES. Before you slam your computer shut and run to church, allow me to explain. Much like Stevie Nicks [Ed. note: I am pretty sure that Meaghan is aware that she's not Stevie Nicks but I'm not positive] utilizes her crystalline knowledge to manifest that poetic magic of hers into song, I also benefit from the energy that radiates from certain stones. Here are some of my personal favorites (and why I keep them around) that are always on hand at my little Upper East Side hacienda for some voodoo, er, healing.

Meaghan's vintage brass ashtray, filled with the crystals mentioned below, ready for whatever ails her.

Click on the stones below to enlarge:


New business? Many a crystal nerd believes in the old wives' tale of stashing a piece of citrine in the cash register of a shop to promote success in your endeavor. Nicknamed the 'Merchant's Stone', it is also said to manifest prosperity in all areas. Remind us to ask Sarah, of Citrine Jewelry, if she was aware of the connection between this crystal and its healing properties for a new vendor when she named her Bronxville shop. Also, remind us to swallow a bunch of citrine.


If you're looking for some balance, specifically in the romantic category, you need to holler at some malachite. Known to assuage self destructive behavior and enhance true love, this gorgeous green stone induces peace and stability, while relieving stress. Negative Nancy cross your path? This is the rock to hurl at them.

Rock Crystal:

The Beyoncé of healing stones. It can replace any other stone. It commands more respect than any other stone. Rock crystal deems every other stone insignificant and absorbs their vibes to release to the beholder of the stone while increasing energy in general. So, hold a hunk of it in your hand, or go sing 'Drunk in Love' at the top of your lungs in the shower, and let us know which is a more effective inducer of love and light.


Catherine the Great adorned the rooms in her palace with lapis, the stone renowned as a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. She was one smart bitch, renowned for her success within the Golden Age in Russian history, so I won't deny the powers of this beautiful blue-and-gold-flecked stone. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth and, whether you believe it or not, it accompanies me on interviews to sniff out the phonies. I will never buy the health properties it supposedly offers, as ole Catherine died of a stroke whilst sitting on the toilet. 


Amethyst is my favorite crystal because it's pretty. Renowned as the sobriety stone, we really don't see eye to eye on anything except aesthetics. Purple is pretty. [Ed. note: Randi doesn't like purple. Just FYI, in case you wanted to buy her a present.]

Beach Glass: 

It may be hard for you to believe, but beach glass is not an astrologically important crystal. It does not provide sanctity or provide clarity to a clouded mind. Basically, I like its looks and I keep a piece on me always and here's why: Last summer, in Portofino, I was lying on the beach dreaming about the rest of my life/drinking a ton of wine, when a little Italian boy with a bucket of sea glass approached me. He asked me to pick whichever one I wanted and to pay him what I thought to be the appropriate price. I picked up a few and each time I chose, the little boy told me 'No, bellaza', and I tried again. Ultimately, he chose for me. In the time it took me to dig for change, I decided that kid had the right idea. We are prodded towards our destiny, regardless of what we think it should be. I have the damn rock in my wallet to this day.