Flashback Friday: Art Deco Twin Bracelets

Vintage and antique jewelry is our kryptonite. For real. It draws us in, wears us down, and basically makes us buy things that we can't afford. What can we say? This is love in its purest form. So every Friday we're going to scour the Interwebs for one magical piece that reminds us all that everything old is new again, and that we need to make more money. 

Behold! These are a truly to-die-for pair of Art Deco emerald, pearl, onyx and diamond twin bracelets. Just take us out back and shoot us now because we will never own these. (It is, however, Randi's birthday on Tuesday and while she of course is terribly embarrassed to receive gifts, she might make an exception for these.) Everything about these bracelets is perfection, from the construction that wears like fabric made of alternating emerald beads and natural pearls to the contrasting elements filled with onyx and diamonds.

Let's also note that these bracelets can be clicked together and become a choker. A CHOKER. Yes, friends, dreams are alive and they are made of platinum and gold. According to the Pennisi, the 1st Dibs dealer that has now become our new best friend, these beauties are from France c. 1925 and are delivered in an original case signed Georges PinΓ§on. 

Just when we thought we had some scruples we realized we probably don't and that these bracelets are $130,000 and let us know what that dollar amount is worth to you. Just in case we can make a deal.