Couture 2015 Preview: Suzanne Kalan Devoted

Look, it seems like everyone and their Mom is getting into the bridal business these days. No joke. And to be honest, we find most of it pretty boring. (Ok, yeah, kind of a shameless self-promo but that's why we design engagement rings for people. To spice it up!) But then we got a very major dose of OH MY GOD to our inbox in the form of Suzanne Kalan's Devoted – her new line of ridiculously major rings based on the highly coveted Fireworks collection featuring baguette diamonds. 

Let's just say that we are more than a little obsessed. We're talking DRAMA. We're talking IN YOUR FACE. And mostly, we're just talking GIVE ME THAT. Since these are literally hot off the bench, we don't have all the pricing info or all the details. But really, who cares. We have the images and we know where to find Suzanne. The rest will all work itself out.