Getting Lucky with Lariats

Judy Garland lariat

Judy Garland in a Joseff of Hollywood diamond lariat necklace in MGM's Ziegfeld Follies.

Oh, hello, sexy body jewelry. As two proud owners of four small boobs, we here at FFR don't mind a deep-V. In fact, we relish it. It allows us to pile on the necklaces, and we proudly admit to loving the long and lean look of a lariat. And you know what – they are back! Traditionally, this style of necklace is a long variation on the rope or chain without a clasp that can be draped multiple times around the neck; but there are also versions where the ends can be crossed over, looped, or knotted. And yes, some do have clasps! OK, so that was kind of confusing, but I digress. How about we take a look at some vintage lariats first for context? Also, make sure to check out our interview today, Michelle Fantaci, designer of some pretty amazing lariats herself. You can find the breath of Fantaci's fantastic pieces on Stone & Strand or, our favorite arrowhead piece,  here.

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See what we mean about sexy? Something about the way lariats highlight the contour of the body and gently drape down the décolletage... (Are we veering into cheesy romance novel territory now or what?) While lariats aren't a trend, (because something that's never left can't really be a trend. Come on.) they are back in the spotlight in a major way. We picked out 10 of our favorite modern versions, below, that are calling our names. Some bold, some delicate, some WAY over our budget – but all just a mouse click away. 

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