Stores We Love: Single Stone San Marino

There are many avenues at our disposal when considering where to purchase your designer jewelry. First, allow us to congratulate you on your decision to buy designer jewelry in lieu of, say, food or shelter. One of us is about to have a baby, so the other has stepped up and has been buying more than ever, as friends do. Adulting.

Home to Arman Sarkisyan, Irene Neuwirth, Monique Pean, Cathy Waterman, Pamela Huizenga, Lucifer Vir Honestus, Alex Sepkus, Nak Armstrong, and more, Single Stone San Marino is on the pulse of the industries finest designers. After growing an amazing brick and mortar business, and adding a quickly developing namesake line, the retailer has also created a beautiful e-commerce destination at Whether you need an engagement ring, vintage rolex, moonstone studs, or a classic 'club' bracelet, one of these hoes, er ladies, at Single Stone is happy to help. Tell them Meaghan or Randi sent you and please note they keep their tequila in the back. (Ed Note: Sorry for all the pictures of Meaghan's face. She got into the aforementioned tequila.)

Happy Shopping this Holiday Season!

Remember, any gift besides jewelry is terrible! You'll thank us later.