Freestone Peach

On a lovely Monday in NYC's famed diamond district, a pauper named Meaghan was out buying gems. We use the term 'buying' very loosely, as she was mainly just lusting and then leaving empty handed. But, we digress. Luckily, the trip was salvaged by running into none other than Joel Baynard, creator of Freestone Peach. As a very proud North Carolinian (Joel is from her beloved NC mountains), Meaghan has been engaging the lapidary/designer behind these bangles for quite some time and was thrilled to see a few 'in the making.' Never ones to deny you the process, we decided to share. Never say we don't do anything for you, dear readers. As you can see from the clearly painstaking process below, this takes the term 'handmade to the next level. Seemingly picking up what we were throwing down, we mentioned how this was an impeccable way to utilize beautiful stones (opals, aquamarine, turquoise, emeralds) otherwise not fit for setting, and Joel acknowledged that we were geniuses. Actually, he said 'yes.' But, whatever. Feast your eyes on a few of our faves and inquire as to how you can get a bangle of your own here or here.


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Happy Thanksgiving break, turkeys!

xx FFR