FBF: Double Your Pleasure

Sorry for the absence, but you know, PARIS. We just had to take a little vacation from the blogging while we immersed ourselves in cheese, cheese and lots of jewelry. But after a week of contemporary bauble madness, we're back in the vintage zone and needing a serious dose of old school jewels. In fact, we're needing a double dose, so we searched out some fantastic pairs of brooches and put our designer hats on to think about what else we'd like to turn these bad boys into. 

Like, for example, these perfectly adorable bird pins C.1975 available from Denmer. With star sapphire bodies, coral wings and diamond details, we would definitely add these to a hat band to inject a little whimsy. You in to see some more? We thought so: 

Click the images below to enlarge and get the deets:

Back to the posting next week, we promise! Miss you mean it.