Press Preview: Hemmerle

When someone sends you an invitation to a Hemmerle press preview with your name on it, you go. Well, first you cry. Then, you go. We'd have made it happen if the preview were on Mars, though luckily, it was at Hotel Plaza Athénée in NYC. This current representation (do NOT call it a collection) was an abundance of found objects- not to mention sphene, aquamarine, sapphire, tourmaline, emerald, garnet, beryl, and always vintage cut diamonds- set in bronze, steel, gold, silver, and copper. A multitude of pieces featured inverted set stones, fabricated in the near extinct Austrian technique of knitting precious beads. In addition to the exclusivity of the pieces (simply three hundred produced per year) being a condition of keeping Hemmerle niche, it could also be a by product of the sole knitter's age: 90 and still churning out masterpieces! Enjoy viewing the below pictures as much as we had taking them from outside of glass: Getting your hands on these babies is a whole other process!

Our own philosophy resonates with poetry- originality, beauty, boldness, creativity, and technical understanding also go into making a Hemmerle jewel.
— Christian Hemmerle

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There you have it, some of the finest jewels in the world and they even let us touch a few. We can't believe our luck. Seriously. We have nothing snarky or sarcastic to say. NOTHING.

Check out a few pieces of this amazing artistry in person, as well as some renderings, at the Cooper Hewitt