Press Preview: Beladora Jewelry

It's a beautiful thing when Instagram fondness translates into real life face time/jewel fondling. Thank GOD we are stalkers or else we'd have never bullied our way into the Beladora press preview last week. We also came to find out that they had earlier named us one of "The Best Jewelry Instagram Feeds to Follow", so obvs our tastes are equally elevated. Below you have some of our favorite pieces from the New York City event on Friday, but, never fear, we've already finagled a trip to the showroom in Beverly Hills next week. Stay tuned, and with bated breathe, because this is a meager taste of what's to come.

Van Cleef and knuckle hair go together like rings and mammals.

Click the images below to expand and maybe learn something. I SAID MAYBE.

Shop Beladora's incredible selection of vintage and signed collections in person in Beverly Hills or effortlessly online, HERE. We wear sizes 4 and 6 in rings, thanks.