Press Preview: Lydia Courteille

Thanks to the lovely D'orazio Public Relations peeps, we had the pleasure of feasting our beady eyes on the newest collection, 'Rainbow Warrior Prophecy' from the incomparable, Lydia Courteille. Dare we say this collection was made with FFR in mind? (It was not, although this review will continue on in the delusion of grandeur that it indeed was.) Exquisite elements of Navajo culture with a twinge of Parisian quirk is exactly the turn of whimsy that the industry (and avid collectors) have grown to expect out of Courteille and she didn't disappoint. Again. THERE IS A RING THAT LOOKS LIKE A TINY PAIR OF MOCCASINS, OK? This 18K matte rose and yellow gold capsule is remarkable in its use of color (read: lapis, amethyst, malachite, turquoise, coral, sugelite, jasper, sunstone) and is one of our favorites to date. Read on for some pictures and pretend we did it justice. Also pretend security wasn't watching Meaghan like a damn hawk.

Art doesn’t exist without provocation.
— Lydia Courteille

You can shop Lydia's incredible collection at Meridian Jewelers in the USA and (should you be incredibly lucky, the flagship store in Paris.