A Very Special Project: FFR Custom

Sometimes, we find ourselves with the formidable task of creating a custom engagement ring with, basically, no direction. We're talking, getting a picture of a vintage sapphire with a rose cut diamond halo one day and a modern step cut the next. So, we digress. Using a little creativity, a lot of balls, and calling in a few favors, we succeeded in creating a dream ring for expat/ London dweller, Ms. Emily Favret 

A hand cut Old Euro found in a Victorian horseshoe pin became the focal point of which we designed the ring around. Being a fan of two-tone, although not the 80's vibe it gives off, the bride to be set the bar high. Think, 'I hate white gold, but I LOVE WHITE GOLD.' 

We envisioned a vintage platinum shoulder, featuring tiny filagree and diamond details simply not found in modern jewelry. Add to that new, strong prongs and  a sturdy 18K yellow gold band (necessary for triathlete and jewelry bully, Emily) and everything fell (well, was soldered) into place.

Congratulations, Emily and Sean! We owe all our grey hairs to you, babies!


xx FFR


Just kidding, but basically.

 Polly Wales, designing Brit extraordinaire, moved her workshop and showroom to DTLA (that's downtown Los Angeles for those not 'with it') from ENGLAND, y'all. The new space will house all production, from designing to wax carving to casting, everything. The space, in one of LA’s oldest buildings, will also include a small showroom and offices, for your viewing delight.

On April 1st, from 2pm to 9pm and April 2nd, from 11am to 5pm, Polly will be hosting a studio warming, replete with booze, food, and sample sale jewels at up to 50% off. It's important to note that all sales are FINAL, because y'all is cray and will try to wear it and return it. I SEE YOU, RANDI.

Cash is king, but checks and credit suit Polly fine, too.

Call me, maybe.
— jenna@pollywales.com to RSVP

As always, never hesitate to pick us up a little sparkly something.

xx FFR

FFR Custom: Sexy '70s Toi et Moi

When our friend Vittorio came to us to create an engagement ring for his girlfriend Fabianne, we were pretty excited. First, because it's kind of an honor when two of your chicest friends think you are up to the task of making a piece of jewelry that will represent both of them. (Vit is CEO and Creative Director of super cool footwear brand Joshua Sanders, and Fabi is the accessory buyer for Intermix.) But second, because as far as clients go, they are the dream – outside-the-box thinkers looking for something unusual and super custom. 

While Fabi had an inkling that a ring might be in her future (and in fact we had done some scouting at the antique show in NYC), we weren't given a specific design at the start of the process. A few key things we wanted to include: yellow gold, a champagne diamond, and a sleek but bold three-dimensional shape reminiscent of the 1970s Italian jewelry all four of us have an affinity for. (Yes, yes, this is Fabi's ring. But we kind of feel like it's our ring, too. Whatevs.)

Fabi, however, wasn't involved in the design – surprise was something Vit wanted to achieve with this ring. So we talked through some ideas, put together some renderings, and ended up with a chunky but sculptural Toi et Moi design featuring one champagne and one colorless diamond. We suggested pear shapes because they are both retro and timeless, and add visual interest to a sleek setting. 

Next up: rock hunting. We wanted two different sized diamonds, a bold, chubby champagne and a smaller, slender white, to create asymmetry. Our first try was good, but Vit wanted a richer brownish/golden hue for the larger stone. Pass two was perfect – an intriguing champagne that resembled a wheat field in perfect afternoon light.

On to the wax! An important piece to this design was the boldness of the setting that included a knife-edge design rather than a totally smooth band. Our first pass, on the left, felt a little clunky and didn't have quite the right flow. Our second try, on the right, felt effortless. Both diamonds were turned slightly inward, creating a visual elegance that felt right on target for what a Toi et Moi ring should represent. 

Finally, the big reveal. Although Fabi knew that a proposal was in her future at some point, she had no idea that a ring was on its way. She almost didn't get said ring because we both wanted to keep it. Sadly, Vit was the one paying, so we had to say goodbye. Sadness. 

Just a little super sexy bold gold diamond goodness for your hump day. You're welcome. We'd like to particularly thank Vit and Fabi for trusting us to make a ring badass enough for both of you. And we can't wait to work together again! 

Have a custom project you need help with? Hit us up and let's talk, and then let's make something major together! 


Lydia Courteille's Queen of Sheba

We know we've been kind of absent. Mostly because we're dreaming up lots of big things for FFR, but sort of because we felt a little bit of post-holiday blog fatigue. But don't worry, there's an instant cure for that, and it goes by the name of Lydia Courteille. Clearly you've read all about one of our jewelry heroes, Lydia, here on FFR, and she's back at it again with a new set of jewels that is epic in its scale, inspiration and, well, greenness. Without further ado, we present to you Lydia's "Queen of Sheba" collection.

The collection is created from black and brown rhodium plated 18k gold, green and yellow tourmalines, yellow sapphires, brown and white diamonds, tsavorites, peridots and opals. THERE IS A TIARA WITH A MASSIVE PEAR-SHAPED PERIDOT. NEED WE SAY MORE?! Taking inspiration from Ethiopia, where the Queen of Sheba once reigned, Lydia's goal was to take us "to the crossroads of religious influences, where Biblical, Hebraic and Quranic stories have nourished Ethiopian popular art, which took much of its inspiration from animistic and magical beliefs."

There is so much to love about this collection: The way the greens and yellows pop off of the rhodium plating; the earthy wood-like details on the rings; the major pear shapes; and of course, the limited but lust-worthy palette. Take a gander at the glorious details, below, and good luck not passing out from the sheer beauty of it all.