Hannah Becker of Diamondoodles

We were obviously intrigued at first sight when we saw Hannah's incredible little gemstone-encrusted designs popping up on Instagram. Now here, we thought, we have someone else in the industry that's maybe just as wacky and off-kilter as we are! And we're mightily happy to report that Diamondoodles is, indeed, a kindred spirit. Funny, self-deprecating and super duper talented, Hannah is definitely a "Jill-of-all-trades". Although she's totally legit (she earned her GIA Graduate Gemology certification and can design in CAD like nobody's business), we identify most with her eye for the absurd and her charming way of capturing the day-to-day in a way that makes us all smile. Read on to see what else she's good at (pretty much everything) and, most importantly, the FOR FUTURE REFERENCE diamondoodle. We. are. obsessed. 

I would really love to have a Hannah scent mixed; it would probably just be sour patch kids in seltzer.
— Hannah

Where are you based?

I’m currently residing in my hometown of Wayne, PA.  I live kind of nomadically though; I can work wherever I have gemstones and my laptop! 


How long have you been doodling and what did you do before your current position? You have quite a lot of other talents, too. Tell us about them!

Diamondoodles needs an official birthday (Any suggestions, ladies?), but I started Doodling with consistency in July 2014. My lowercase-d doodling started at a really young age. I went through a lot of artist mediums before I landed with gemstones, so I know a lot about photography, embroidery, drawing, painting and digital design. My jewelry industry talents are mostly focused around my GIA Graduate Gemology certification and CAD training. I was working with a friend doing branding, web design and social media before I decided to pursue my interest in jewelry by attending GIA. While Diamondoodles is still in the process of defining itself, I have been a utilizing my Jill-of-all-trades skill set and working on a wide variety of creative projects in the jewelry industry. I’m also great at braiding hair. 


What are you three favorite doodles you've ever created?

Bloody hand – I made this doodle around Halloween last year, but it just tickles me with its whimsical gore.

Brunch – Bacon & eggs all day every day. 

April Showers 


How was your first COUTURE? Did it inspire you to be in this industry or make you want to run for the hills? 

I could not have had a more positive first COUTURE experience! Couture combined many of my favorite things into one giant event: @ThirdCoastGems, Creative People, Exquisite Jewelry, Kitschy Environment (Hey Vegas!), and Schmoozing. It takes a lot to spook me.


Are all of your doodle stones yours and can we have some?  

A majority of the doodle stones are not mine. I have been fortunate to work with some great companies who have lent me a bunch of stones for my toolbox. I also have an amazing client with quite a crazy collection who has let me play around with her pieces. 


Who are your favorite designers in fine jewelry today?

Today? I’ve been thinking a lot about Jane Taylor Jewelry, Hemmerle, David Webb and Holly Dyment this week. (Ed Note: We love how Hannah's brain went straight to, like,  literally, today.)


Gemstone you can’t get enough of?

Any juicy saturated stone can get my heart racing, but I have a special love for the fluorescent glow of single-crystal rhodocrhosite and slime green sphenes.  


What’s your favorite piece that you’ve recently purchased?

Getting my GG has elevated my taste beyond my budget; therefore I haven’t bought any jewelry recently. I did buy a pair of elongated pear-shaped bicolor quartz cabochons in Tucson. I need to design settings for them still, but I think they will become some epic shoulder-dusting earrings.


What is the most sentimental piece of jewelry that you own and what's the backstory?

I have this hefty gold plated Statue of Liberty ring that I bought in a thrift shop around 2007 and wore for about 5 years straight. There’s something about the kitschy Americana vibes of Lady Liberty combined with how powerful it feels to wear weighty jewelry that made the ring so special for me. I retired her from my daily wear a year or so ago, but I found her in my jewelry box the other day, so I think she will become a regular again. I have to send her out for a new gold dip first. 


Why do you think people are becoming so comfortable purchasing fine jewelry online? This is definitely a new phenomenon. 

Amazon Prime has normalized the purchasing of anything and everything online. In the case of fine jewelry, I think the comfort of buying online comes from a combination of the consumer’s trust in e-commerce and the expansive nature of the internet, allowing buyers to find pieces perfectly suited to themselves without the issues of proximity to brick-and-mortar retailers.  Additionally, the noticeable move away from fine jewelry as exclusively formal occasion jewelry makes the consumer focus more on the quality of design, innovation, and wearability. When you make that kind of purchase the thought process is much less of “is this piece a good investment” and more of “will I enjoy wearing this piece”.


Best cocktail bar in your town? (for a sophisticated sip and ponying up to a pub -- we are Geminis, so we need both options.)

In Wayne, the best bar by far is Teresa’s Next Door.  It’s replete with scotch and whiskey, well-curated craft beer; plus they make great food. We should go for a whiskey flight on a Whiskey Thursday. I’m still re-exploring Philadelphia since moving back this year – there’s a major cocktail scene that I need to delve into. The top of my list is Ranstead Room, The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co,  and Hop Sing Laundromat.


 What’s your preferred mode of transportation day-to-day? 

 In the suburbs I can be frequently spotted in my red mini van: Van Morrison. I commute between Philadelphia and NYC a ton, so Amtrak is frequently my mobile office. 


Top 5 bands in your playlist?

I do this maniacal thing of listening to certain songs on repeat for ages at a time… I can definitively say I’ve listened to Eye of the Tiger over 5,000 times in my life. 


Celebrity Crush?! 

Girl Crush: Tina Fey
Boy Crush: modern day Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & 90’s Danny DeVito 


If you could only carry one handbag for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

If Judith Leiber could bedazzle me the most sturdy backpack, that would be my lifer bag.


What’s your signature scent and what three words would you use to describe it? 

I would really love to have a Hannah scent mixed; it would probably just be sour patch kids in seltzer. 

I usually wear Elizabeth + James Nirvana Black and White – I wear Nirvana Black when I’m feeling moody and alluring and Nirvana White when I’m bright and lively.