Andrea Fohrman

Life isn't always puffy clouds and rainbows – unless you're Andrea Fohrman. Creating celestial-influenced collections in precious gems and FFR favorites like malachite and rutliated lapis, Andrea makes sophisticated jewelry for women who also embrace a little bit of their inner hippie-chic. Multi-colored pavé and weather-centric shapes coexist among her new standout 'Phases of the Moon' pieces. Initially, we assumed our bond over copper mug cocktails and broody rock music was mere coincidence. Now, we're pretty sure it was already written in the stars. 

Hawaii has always been, and will always be, my favorite vacation spot.
— Andrea

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Let’s have dinner at your favorite neighborhood restaurant. Where do we go and what do we eat? 

 We go to Sugarfish in Studio City.  We eat the ’Nozawa Trust Me’


 If you could buy any piece of contemporary jewelry from another jeweler, what would it be?

 There are so many pieces I love from many of my designer friends… Right
now I am coveting Anita Ko’s Leaf Bracelet…


 The vacation spot that you keep going back to over and over?

 Hawaii has always been, and will always be, my favorite vacation spot.  It
is familiar and beautiful and the second I get off the plane I am
instantly an Islander with no worries.


What’s the last book you couldn’t put down? 

 I wish I had more time to read.  I've read a few in between this one, but I
seriously could not put down Gone Girl.


 What's your go–to cocktail? 

 I love a Dark and Stormy.

Favorite spot for cocktails at Couture...

 Tower Bar at the Wynn. (ed note: See you there!)


 The gemstone you’re currently lusting after is.... 

 There are so many I love, but right now I recently discovered Manganese
Sulfide and am in love.  I have never seen a gemstone with those colors.


It’s your birthday and your favorite flower arrangement arrives ­, what does it look like?

It is an enormous arrangement of Cherry Blossoms.


 What’s your favorite piece that you made in the last year and why?

 That is a tough one, because I had a lot of favorites this year. The attached rings (see pic above), in manganese sulfide and black diamond is probably my favorite right now.



You have 30 minutes to work out – what do you do? 



What was the first piece of jewelry/watch you bought for yourself? 

 Cathy Waterman flower stud earrings about 18 years ago.


 What’s your preferred mode of transportation day-to-day? 

 Preferred is different then actual mode – we live in LA so, obviously, it has to be a car, but I prefer walking any day of the week.  My car is a 'mom' car and you can find a lot of things in it.  Smoothies from last month (hidden by my son in secret compartments), a lot of hair rubber bands from my daughter, tons of white dog hair from my puppy and, of course, leftover coffee from me.


Whats's the most sentimental piece of jewelry you own? Tell us the back story.

The gold and diamond ring is the most sentimental piece of jewelry I own.

It is my engagement ring, I redesigned 10 years after we were married.  It
has a lot of meaning for obvious reasons, but when I look at it - it
reminds me of my husband and the support he has given me all of these
years to continue doing what I love to do and to remain creative.


 Top 5 bands in your playlist - go! 

 Mumford & Sons
My Morning Jacket
Gregg Allman
Jack White


You’re having guests for the weekend. What’s your signature dish that you cook? 

 I had to ask my family this one because I cook a lot and have a few
signatures.  Everyone voted that my teriyaki stir fry is my signature.


 Be honest – who’s your celebrity crush?!

 I will be completely honest: has been and always will be George Clooney.


If you could only carry one handbag for the rest of your life, what would
it be?

My Balenciaga motorcycle bag.


 If you could sit front row at any fashion show, which would it be and why? 

 Stella McCartney because I am obsessed with her.


Tell us your beauty secrets (think: can’t-live-without makeup & skincare)

A friend introduced me to Beauty Counter products and I have been using them

religiously.  A mom started this line once she discovered that the
products she was using on her and her children were filled with toxins,
even when they say organic and natural.

Signature nail polish and/or lipstick shade for a night on the town?

 Sandy Beach by Essie and 
Chantecaille Lipstick in Lotus