Danielle Miele

Seven years after its inception, Gem Gossip has evolved from the public diary of a Nashville-based jewel lover to an industry renowned bauble encyclopedia. Thirty-five thousand (and counting) Instagram followers can't be wrong. Read on for a bit of show and tell with the queen of #SHOWMEYOURRINGS.

I have yet to find a women’s perfume that I love – I’m mostly into men’s cologne.
— Danielle Miele

Let’s have dinner at your favorite neighborhood restaurant. Where do we go and what do we eat?

We would go to Adele's in Nashville's neighborhood called The Gulch. Basically everything on the menu is amazing, but I keep coming back to the chopped salad and brownie with ice cream for dessert. Most of my ideal meals involve a light meal and room for plenty of dessert.


If you could buy any piece of contemporary jewelry, what would it be?

I've been obsessed with this designer named Zina ever since I visited Charde Jewelers in Houston. Her specialty and entire line is actually sterling silver, but she makes a few pieces in yellow gold – I'm particularly in love with her "Three Wave" ring in yellow gold – it is high on my wish list. I'm attracted to many silversmiths' work, only wishing their pieces were in yellow gold, so I think that's why I was drawn to her.


The vacation spot that you keep going back to over and over? 

I'm actually the type to go somewhere different each time a vacation opportunity comes up. I like exploring new, never-before-seen places. Our last vacation was Rosemary Beach, my first time seeing the Gulf.


What’s the last book you couldn’t put down?

This new self-employment thing has allowed me to read more (YAY) which was one of my goals since forever. I've accumulated an insane jewelry library throughout the years, and now I am finally getting the chance to actually read these books which have been decorating my office for years. I just finished Rings: Miniature Monuments to Love, Power and Devotion by Diana Scarisbrick and it was a good one!


Secret/favorite spot for cocktails at a trade show (and what’s your go-to drink?)

It basically depends on which hotel I'm staying at, but usually the answer is whatever spots are available where I'm staying at! I like the idea of working hard all day, going back to the hotel for a drink and only having to go up the elevator to call it a night! 


The gemstone you’re currently lusting after is . . .

I'm currently putting together a blog post about punchy, vibrant colors for Spring/Summer as my favorite trend, which mainly refers to the bold colors of different gemstones. With that said, I do love a good partially-colored or bi-colored tourmaline.  


It’s your birthday and your favorite flower arrangement arrives – what does it look like?  

Well it most definitely would not have roses in it – my fiancé knows I hate roses. This is mainly because I had this creepy stalker during college and he would leave me roses on my car and on my front stoop – haha. I love black dahlias and dark purple anemones.


What’s your favorite piece that you made in the last year and why?

I've had lots of time lately to look into my jewelry box and reinvent some pieces that don't get much use. I hardly ever wear necklaces, so I've been turning lots of charms and pendants into rings. They are much more fun now and I'll wear them more!


You have 30 minutes to work out – what do you do?

I would sit and watch an episode of Broad City on demand. 


What was the first piece of jewelry you bought for yourself?

It was a tanzanite pendant set in yellow gold from a local jewelry store where I grew up.  I was in 7th grade and I put it on layaway. I used to do chores around the house and pay on it every month! I still have it.


If you could have dinner with any artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

           This is the toughest question of them all – but I think I would have dinner with a young Elizabeth Taylor because I feel as though we would connect on so many different levels over our shared love of jewelry.  I would enjoy showing her my personal jewelry collection and I would have loved to have seen hers in its entirety.  


What’s the most sentimental piece of jewelry you own and tell us the back story.

My grandparents' wedding bands, for sure. They were married in Italy before coming to America and immigrated in the '50s – they have a unique story. Not having enough money for both of them to journey here, my grandmother came first by herself on a boat – 8 long days and nights. Meanwhile, my grandfather served in the Italian Army and saved his money for an entire year before he was able to make the trip and be with her. Their wedding bands are 18k gold and hand engraved...I wear them on a chain.


What’s your preferred mode of transportation day-to-day? (Tell us about your car, motorcycle, bicycle, taxi, Uber, skateboard...)

I drive a Toyota Prius which I bought brand new when I first moved down to Tennessee. I left my Audi up north because I didn't want to drive it 12 hours by myself. Who does that?! But, I'm proud to say it is about to hit 100k on the mileage and I drove every single mile on that thing!


Top 5 bands in your playlist - go! 

Eminem, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, lots of '80s one-hit-wonders and currently obsessed with Selena Gomez.  DON'T JUDGE.


You’re having guests for the weekend. What’s your signature dish that you cook for them? 

On the rare occasion that I would have guests over for the weekend, we would all know better enough to go to a restaurant and not involve myself in the kitchen. But I'm really good at making guacamole.  


Be honest – who’s your celebrity crush?!

Channing Tatum, don't tell anyone.


If you could only carry one handbag for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Givenchy Mini Antigona because anything bigger than the mini looks ridiculous on me. (Ed note: It's true, she's a miniature human.)


What’s your signature scent and what three words would you use to describe it? 

I have yet to find a women's perfume that I love – I'm mostly into men's cologne.


If you could sit front row at any fashion show, which would it be and why?

I've always had a thing for the feminine lines and silhouettes of Chloé.


Tell us your beauty secrets (think: can’t-live-without makeup and skincare)

I use almost all Revlon products, I love Revlon. My skin and moisturizer do not mix – it usually leaves my face oily and I break out from it, so instead I use canned grape water that is in an aerosol container; it looks like hairspray. I also can't live without my Wet Brush which my hair stylist turned me onto.


Signature nail polish and/or lipstick shade for a night on the town? 

Will forever be a fan of red lips and black nails.